An Update On Our New Venue

AN UPDATE       I wanted to give a quick update on our venue search.  We are currently working on the arrangements of a lease that would provide a 24/7 facility for at least the next year on the corner of Monroe Ave and Flint St.  More information and photos will be coming soon once we have a signed the agreement.

I'm not going to mince words, as we discussed Sunday the place needs a lot of "sweat equity" and some improvements.  As our leadership weighed the options in front of us, we felt this place was the right option and that our family was ready to pitch in to make this place a home.  So we will be communicating "work days" to help prepare the location for our move in date.  We are asking everyone who is able to sign up and help somehow.  There are lots of ways to serve that don't involve handiness or other "construction type" skills.  Our hope is to move right from CityYouth to the new space, but sometimes that is out of our control.  So please be patient with us as we worship each week together in the space God provides.   

ON ANOTHER NOTE       I'd like to take a moment to personally apologize and clarify something.  Our congregational meeting on Sunday was intended to be a time for our members, regular attender, as well as guests to hear about our venue options, ask questions, and share concerns.   There should never have been a vote taken.  I know many of you, perhaps like me, grew up voting on everything as a congregation.  While our "presbyterian" form of church government seeks congregational votes for certain things (sell or purchase of property, teaching and ruling elders, etc.) this lease agreement was not one of those times.  I want to assure everyone that when a congregational vote is necessary, proper notice will be given in writing, well beforehand with the items being voted on explained.  I realize my actions on Sunday may have been confusing or hurtful to some and for that I apologize and ask your forgiveness.  I love our form of church government and the people its here to serve.  I desire to be better prepared to lead us in the future for moments like that.  I've learned a lot in a very short amount of time, but moments like Sunday remind me there is still so much to learn about leading a flock well.  Thank you for the grace you've shown to me as I stumble from time to time and the encouragement I feel as your pastor.  I look forward to the day that God raises up even more leaders to help govern and guide His church!            


                                                                                                      Jeff Wreyford, Lead Pastor