Worship Services


As we gather to worship on Sundays, it has a primarily vertical (God) focus as our chief goal becomes the praise and acclamation of God.  However, as we worship together, we receive the added benefits horizontally (with one another) as we share a common space and focus with all those who gather.  This is an important and often neglected opportunity to receive the means of grace in our life.  We believe worship gatherings are opportunities for those pursuing Christ to sing songs, pray, hear the Word preached, give offerings, confess our faith, observe the sacraments, and at times, take oaths together as a community of faith.

While the primary focus of our worship gatherings is worshiping God, we remember that many will join us along the journey to discover Christ and welcome any to join us as we worship.

We offer separate programming for our children birth-4yrs and welcome our older children to worship with us.  For more information read our statement, Why We Worship.

We are worshiping weekly at 10:30a, 118 Burke Ave. downtown Jonesboro.  


Parish Communities


We define a Parish as a geographical area of spiritual responsibility.  Our desire is that all those connected to our church also be connected where they live, work, and play.  Parish groups are open throughout the year for new members, regular attenders, and visitors (neighbors, coworkers, etc.). These groups are composed of men, women, and their families.

The primary focus of these groups is to establish and grow relationships, serve each other, and to serve our community.  They are organized by families in the church, and usually meet in someone’s home.

We currently have two parishes in Jonesboro.

Hilltop Area Parish, 1st Sundays, 5-7p

Valley View Area Parish, 1st Sundays, 5-7p

If you have questions about parishes, or if you're interested in joining or simply attending one to check it out, we'd love to have you. Just fill out the form below to shoot us an email.


Growing in our relationship with God means taking off the masks we often wear in order to hide our struggles.  True growth and maturation takes place past pretense and coverings.  

In order to provide a better, more comfortable, and more transparent group dynamic, discipleship groups are separated by gender so that men can "dive deep" with other men and women can do the same with other women.

The primary design of these groups is for mature leaders (those whose lives reflect maturity in Christ) to intentionally invest in a few individuals for the purpose of establishing them in their walk with Christ and to nurture their growth to maturity so that they are equipped to go and do the same in the lives of others.  

Participants typically commit to meet weekly for a period of  6-9 months, and once these groups are established, we typically avoid placing new participants in established groups. This enables each group to focus on making deep investments in one another, both spiritually and relationally.

Discipleship group members serve each other, serve the church, and serve the community together. They are led by a spiritually mature leader within the church and they meet at mutually agreed upon times and locations.

Our ultimate hope is that the relationships forged in our missional communities serve as a springboard for the deeper dive provided by our discipleship groups.

Interested in joining a discipleship group? Just fill out the form below or email or call (870) 586-6521.