Colossians Continued…Week 3

Why we are doing this.  This is a new things for us to offer followup questions, but we'd like to help encourage you to stay in the study of Colossians with us each week as you begin learning to study and apply the Word yourself.  The following instructions and exercises are meant to help you carve out space and time to be with God.  This will require you figuring out a time as well as a place.  My personal experience has taught me that failing to plan is planning to fail in my time with God each day.  We've set aside three exercises this week, but encourage you to try and build this into a daily routine if possible.  Sort of like morning coffee! 

A few tools for the journey.  Bible (preferably one with cross references), journal or notebook, pen, and bonus points for a highlighter.

Getting Started.  Have you thought of a time and place you will use this week?  It may change day to day, but our body likes rhythms, so try to stay consistent if possible.  Make that appointment with yourself and God!  

Instruction for each day…(Budget a minimum of 15-20 minutes each day)

  1. Start by spending 2 minute in silence.  This is meant to help quiet your mind, heart, and surroundings in order to "be still" in every way you can.  Try to let your mind think on Christ and how He wants to speak through His Word, and you are about to meet with Him there.  Two minutes may not seem like a long time, but I think you will find it serves its purpose.   
  2. Read Colossians 3:1-17 for yourself each day before answering the discussion questions.  Reading the chapter will help to familiarize yourself with the context so that you don't "miss the forest for the trees."
  3. Complete your time with a short prayer of thanks to God and 2 more minutes of silence.


Gage gave us a lot to think about yesterday as we consider what it means to “take off”

the things of this world and “put on” Christ. He mentioned three specific things to consider (Position, Practice, and Posture) which are the focal points to our three exercises this week.

These are some very difficult things to consider this week. If you need help processing them, consider reaching out to someone else in the church or


1. The key to doing the things mentioned in chapter 3 is to first acknowledge that we can’t do anything apart from Christ working in our hearts. Reflect on how our position, IN Christ, affects our putting off the things of the world and putting on the characteristics of Christ mentioned in V5-17. Perhaps another way to say it is, “what does it mean to do these things apart from Christ empowerment?”


  1. Someone once said, “maturing in Godly character takes place primarily when no one is watching.” If that’s true, how should this affect our practice of becoming like Christ each day? Discuss below.

  2. What are “acceptable sins,” as Gage mentioned yesterday, that perhaps you find yourself engaging in? What does this verse teach us to do with these and how might we go about it?

1. The text clearly teaches a posture of submission and gratitude as we are pursuing Christ. It’s hard to be grateful when someone is trying to take away the idols in your life! This verse teaches that we should not only put these to death and be grateful to God for it. How is it possible to be grateful in the midst of God changing us? How do we pursue this without faking it?