A Message from the Children's Ministry

First, thank you for making time to get this information.  If you have asked to volunteer or are already on the list to do so, the Spring schedule will be posted on Planning Center and GROUPME as well, so make every effort to download and learn to use these apps on your phone or computer if possible.

As I mentioned in church last Sunday morning, I want to pass along the contact information for each of our team leaders to you for future reference. These ladies are ideally going to be rotating heading up the nursery each Sunday morning, giving you a point person to go to when/if questions, needs, concerns, and emergency situations arise. 

Renee Emerson

Sarah Francis

Marie Morrison

McLeod Satterfield

Lori Wreyford

We will have a training session for ALL VOLUNTEERS before the Sunday morning service on FEBRUARY 11th! This should help you feel prepared and ready to move into your volunteer role with confidence as well as giving you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have! I will send you our policies in an email a week before the training session so you can read over them beforehand.

Every volunteer will need to pass a background check through CheckR which partners with Planning Center. We use this system in order to protect our children. Everyone who serves in our nursery has been approved. It is a very easy process in which you will receive an email where you simply enter your personal information and then submit it. CheckR will send you a confirmation when you have completed the process. 

I also want you to know that serving in the nursery on Sunday morning is not the ONLY WAY  that you can support the children's ministry. There are lots of other ways you can help. 
For instance, if you have the gift of prayer, we would love to have you commit to pray for our children, leaders and volunteers several times each month using our monthly prayer pattern. Our team would be incredibly encouraged to know that we have individuals praying over us and the specific needs of the ministry! If you have the gift of giving, maybe you could commit to providing money for snacks like applesauce and veggie straws or wipes. We have several additional items that could be purchased or donated for our nursery that would help us a great deal: 

an extra diaper changing pad cover
an extra sheet for the pack n play
another lifetime picnic table because our number of children is basically growing every day :)

If you are interested in this, I will send you a link to where you can purchase these items. Several of you have already given in this way back in the Fall, and I want to take this time to THANK YOU; your gifts have been a GREAT HELP to us! 

Thanks y'all! 

With love in Christ, 
McLeod Satterfield