Why Start Another Church?

I’ve heard that Jonesboro is one of the most churched communities in the country. A “city of churches” I believe was the phrase used. So, why start another church? Its a fair question. The reality is, with all the churches Jonesboro has, we are nowhere close to reaching everyone. Census data from a few years back revealed that only about 15% of those surveyed considered themselves to be “churched.” That’s about 85% of the population that is unwilling or unable to claim a church community as their own.

We aren’t planting this church because we are unhappy with the churches that exist. There are some really great existing churches in Jonesboro. We do this because

We are convinced that 10 churches of 500 can better disciple a community than 1 church of 5,000.  

We aren’t bashing mega-churches. They can be very effective at discipleship, building up of the kingdom, and ministering to so many. Its important to say, Christ Redeemer is not trying to be the next mega-church.  In an age that often considers bigger to always be best, we want to help properly set expectations on how we believe God has called us as a church to multiply. Rather than continuing to grow we want to focus on raising up new leaders to plant new congregations. Much like the disciples being sent out in Matthew 28. New congregations help to empower new leaders, new volunteers, and can be places for the unchurched to connect.

We want to focus on multiplying discipleship groups, parish communities, and churches throughout Jonesboro, northeast Arkansas, and the world. 

If you would like to hear more about our church, its direction and doctrines, try signing up for our Inquirer’s weekends. Its a great time for the curious or committed to hear the story of our church, explore why we are here, ask questions, and discover if God might be aligning your heart with ours.

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